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Service Manager Pro 101 - A detailed overview and review of SMP features followed by Q&A. Topics covered include:

  • Common Jobs – How to price and implement common jobs to maximize profitability in your local market
  • Labor Times – How to set up your multiplier and add custom labor times to your existing account
  • Maintenance Interval Times – how to customize the labor times for maintenance intervals
  • Advanced settings – How to maximize Service Manager Pro, with DMS integration
Dates: January 6th, January 27th, February 17th
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ZPlan 101 - Everything you need to know about ZPlan from user settings to advanced features followed by Q&A. Topics covered include:

  • Dividing jobs – How to schedule large jobs over more than one day
  • Multiple labor operations - How to schedule and track separate Labor operations within a job
  • Job Stacking - How to schedule multiple jobs for the same time frame
  • Miscellaneous job tracking – How to use Z Plan to manage internal job workflow (New vehicle set up, Pick up and delivery)
  • Customer texting – How to set up and manage ZPlan texting features
  • Management reporting – How to interpret performance reports
Dates: December 23rd, January 20th, February 10th, March 3rd
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Open Forum - Current events and open discussion with general Q&A and best practices sharing.
Attendee participation - $100 gift card to top “best practices” contributor for each session. Let us know how you use SMP and ZPlan in your dealership to improve operations or make your life easier. Must be submitted by email at least 24 hours before the event to
Dates: January 13th, February 3rd, February 24th
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